Jason Ellerbusch

Jason Ellerbusch

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In the small town of Mount Vernon, IL, I was nurtured by the seeds of ambition and entrepreneurship. Coming from a lineage of entrepreneurs - a farmer grandfather, another who was both a builder and pet store owner, and several uncles owning various businesses, a mom that started a small company to pay for college, it was no surprise that I would find my own path in the world of business. The enduring impact of my father, Alan, who started a recycling company, that anchored my course. The lessons learned from my family set the stage for me to get to where I am now.

Post-graduation from Baylor University in 1996, the draw of the finance world lured me to Dallas-Fort Worth, where I started with Fidelity Investments. But even as I navigated through the stock market's intricacies, the call of God and family remained unwavering. This became especially pronounced after adopting my first son, Hershel, and welcoming three more boys into the world. 

While interviewing for a high-profile financial wholesaler position, I realized the commitment it demanded would pull me away from my dream of being an involved father. My wife and I started praying over the decision, and I realized that I wouldn't be able to be the dad I wanted to be if I had to travel that much. That powerful realization rerouted me towards real estate, ultimately joining a start-up in 2007.

As a broker associate at eXp with 18 years as a Real Estate Agent, I would describe myself as a true consultant, diligently studying both national and local markets weekly. My emphasis on being well-informed stems from sage advice I once received: "I can handle good news, and bad news, but I can't handle no news!", a principle I now share with upcoming real estate agents, underscoring the importance of constant communication.

Real Estate is my profession, but my "why" shines through when I speak about my family. Married to the love of my life, Audra, for 23 years, our bond is the backbone of my life. Our household brims with the energy of our four sons. From coaching baseball to watching my son, Jacob, kickstart his own cattle business, I cherish every moment.

"Watching my boys do what they love and getting to be a part of it is priceless,", I am so thankful. I give God the credit for these blessings, I am thankful that God has been able to use me to love on people and hopefully to expand the Kingdom.

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Elevate your real estate journey by partnering with Jason, a seasoned professional enriched with over fifteen years of financial market expertise. With a focus on meticulous detail and prompt communication, Jason offers an unmatched level of service. Whether your goal is buying or selling, his steadfast dedication ensures a personalized and seamless real estate experience.